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In these ‘Urban Density’ series, I explore the urban landscape of Hong Kong And Macau. Like Hong Kong, Macau is a special administrative region of […]

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2018 has been a rough year for China’s bike-sharing giants. Alibaba-backed Ofo pulled out of dozens of international cities as it fought with a severe cash […]

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Since its entry into China in 2016, WeWork has extended from four to around 60 locations across the country’s megacities like Shanghai, Beijing and, most […]

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Renren, which was once heralded as the ‘Facebook of China’ and later became China’s answer to MySpace after falling out of fashion among its core […]

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Experts to investigate delays that were so unprecedented the networks handbook has no guidance on the scenario Hong Kong is investigating its worst train delay […]

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Rivalry escalates amid concerns over trade, as warships nearly collide and an FBI trap angers Beijing The US and China have shrugged off rules and […]

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Macau is set to become the worlds richest place by 2020 but with billion-dollar skyscrapers standing beside rundown apartment blocks, its clear not everyone is […]

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Archipelago is refusing to switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China, despite a huge downturn in its tourism industry Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sipping […]

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Animal husbandry is contaminating Chinas water and has been linked to turning lakes bright green, a phenomenon known as eutrophication The farm, located at the […]

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Thirty years ago, politics was paramount. Now, only money counts. Chinas leading novelist examines a nation that has transformed in a single lifetime. By Yu […]