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(CNN)It’s a rallying cry for Democrats seeking the White House in 2020: fight for Main Street against a system that benefits corporations and the wealthy. […]

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Washington (CNN)In the introduction to his new budget proposal President Donald Trump warns that the federal government “must protect future generations from Washington’s habitual deficit […]

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Washington (CNN)The field of Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for president in 2020 is one of the largest the party has seen, but for Iowa’s […]

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Coalition-building begins after Kaja Kallass centre-right party wins 28.8% of vote Estonias opposition liberal Reform party won Sundays general election, outpacing centre-left prime minister Juri […]

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(CNN)Sen. Elizabeth Warren was just getting started, when Eric, an apprentice electrician who works in the solar power industry, asked her how the country could […]

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(CNN)If former Vice President Joe Biden enters the 2020 race, his more than four-decades-long career in Washington will face fresh scrutiny, including his work on […]

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(CNN)The House Oversight Committee has instructed its Democratic members not to deviate from agreed upon lines of questioning at Michael Cohen’s public hearing Wednesday, prompting […]

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(CNN)Green New Deal fits perfectly on a bumper sticker. What was entered as official legislative language on Capitol Hill declares the government should take a […]

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(CNN)On a cold afternoon in January, newly-elected Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida made her way to a demonstration in support of stricter gun control […]

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(CNN)Democrats are all over the map this year. “We need a healthy economy, and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about our system,” he said this week. […]